Ne Obliviscaris

jeudi 20 juin 20.05 - 20.55
Metal Dome

Genre Black Metal
Country Australie
Played at GMM 2015 2019

We don’t often get to welcome Aussie bands at our festival and when we do, they’re usually hard rock bands, or black metal or thrash bands from the Australian outback. Ne Obliviscaris – Latin for “don’t forget” - is a six-piece progressive metal band whose remarkable debut ‘Portal of I’ features a well-crafted mix of black, death, heavy and doom metal influences as well as classical elements and a proggy touch. Apparently their progressive metal also kindled enthusiasm in more academic music circles and one of their songs has been incorporated in the curriculum of the prestigious Sydney Conservatorium of Music. Their sophomore album ‘Citadel’ raised the bar even further. The band’s musical prowess leaves the listener breathless without ever losing sight of the bigger picture. Slightly easier to digest, ‘Urn’ (2017) is probably a good place to start if you’re new to Ne Obliviscaris, or you can pick up a copy of their fourth outing ‘Exul’ (2023). (#GMM24)