GMM 2024 - POLYPHIA.jpg


jeudi 20 juin 22.30 - 23.30

Genre Progressive
Country États-Unis

Polyphia is a (primarily) instrumental, progressive rock band from Texas. While this is no longer an exception in the metal spectrum, instrumental acts traditionally have a bit more to prove than bands with vocalists. While the guitar takes centre stage, their music is clearly influenced by a variety of genres that are not guitar-centric, such as funk, jazz, hip hop, EDM and even flamenco. Their latest album ‘Remember That You Must Die’ includes collabs with Steve Vai and Deftones vocalist Chino Moreno. Over the years they have evolved from a metal-based to a more progressive rock-oriented sound. Their most recent outing includes bossa nova and bubblegum pop influences, further adding to the tapestry of genres. (#GMM24)