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vendredi 16 juin 13.50 - 14.35

Genre Hardcore
Country États-Unis
Played at GMM 1998 2003 2005 2011 2014 2018

Few bands are as adept at building a bridge between hardcore and metal as Pro-Pain. Based out of New York, Pro-Pain formed in 1991. They unleashed their hugely successful debut ‘Foul Taste of Freedom’ the following year, making them one of just a handful of genre peers to make this kind of impact from the get-go. The first three studio albums have meanwhile attained classic status and with fifteen full-length efforts to date they are one of the more prolific acts in heavy music. Most of their songs are built on a hardcore foundation although ‘Act of God’ (1999) and ‘Round 6’ (2000) mark a slight change of course: the song structures are more immediate and the hardcore content was dialled back in favour of a gut-wrenching thrash/groove attack. Pro-Pain are also known for their hard-hitting lyrics. Over the years there have been countless personnel changes, with Gary Meskil as the one constant; Belgian drummer Jonas Sanders joined the band in 2012. Hardcore bands in general don’t care too much for governments as they blame them for many of the ills that plague modern-day society. More than thirty years after their inception Pro-Pain are as pissed off as ever. Timeless crossover with a capital C.#GMM23