dimanche 23 juin 13.20 - 14.05

Genre Death Metal
Country États-Unis

Sanguisugabogg certainly takes the cake in terms of illegible logos. Musically they specialise in downright filthy splattercore, with a starring role for serial killers and other degenerates – true to the genre, in other words, but always tongue-in-cheek. Their unusual band name is derived from the Latin word ‘sanguisuga’ (leech) and the British slang word ‘bog’ (toilet), evoking the image of a ‘bloodsucking toilet’. These old-school death metal fans from a very early age dub their output ‘drug death metal’ as they claim to have recorded both of their long-players while tripping on acid. Their maiden EP ‘Pornographic Seizures’ (2019) caused a stir because of the overt violence against women. On subsequent recordings they changed tacks, writing only about violence against men. To date they have two full-lengths to their credit, ‘Tortured Whole’ (2021) and their most recent slab, ‘Homicidal Ecstasy’ (2023). Produced by Kurt Ballou of Converge fame, ‘Homicidal Ecstasy’ constructs a wall of piledriver riffs that should go down well in a live setting. Don’t forget your earplugs! (#GMM24)