GMM 2023 - SPIRITBOX.jpg


jeudi 15 juin 14.15 - 15.00

Genre Metalcore
Country Canada
Played at GMM 2022

There’s nothing like true love. Guitarist Mike Stringer found his in vocalist Courtney LaPlante, his bandmate in Iwresteledabearonce. However, artistically the couple and the rest of the band were on different wavelengths, prompting the Canadian couple to fly the coop and set up their own project. Spiritbox was established in 2017. They released three EPs in short succession and before they knew it the world was their oyster, especially following the release of their full-length debut ‘Eternal Blue’ (2021). The music press unanimously declared Spiritbox have a great future ahead of them and we couldn’t agree more. Just last year they owned the Jupiler Stage and despite singer Courtney’s heavily sprained ankle the GMM faithful went wild. Only the best is good enough for GMM and that is why we invited Spiritbox back this year to come out all guns blazing in a repeat of last year’s triumphant GMM debut. #GMM23