Steel Panther

samedi 22 juin 15.45 - 16.35
North Stage

Genre Glam Metal
Country États-Unis
Played at GMM 2014 2017 2022

Some call it a parody, others a comedy act and some find them downright offensive. Fact remains that for almost a quarter century Steel Panther have been making a crucial contribution to the enduring popularity of glam metal. Known for their extravagant stage outfits and ditto lifestyle, Steel Panther’s parody on the glam rock and hair metal that flooded the Sunset Strip in the 80s is characterised by up-tempo songs and catchy guitars, skin-tight leopard pants, exploded hairdos, bandanas and more makeup than your auntie at Xmas. Their breakthrough came in 2009 with ‘Feel the Steel’, their first release under the Steel Panther moniker. Follow-up ‘Balls Out’ confirmed that their take on 80s glam rock is actually better than most of the original stuff. ‘Lower the Bar’ (2017) offered more of the same tongue-in-cheek misogyny to the point where you’d almost forget these guys write excellent hard rock tunes. ‘Heavy Metal Rules’ (2019)? Of course it does and Steel Panther are always ‘On the Prowl’ (2023) so a word of advice to all you mothers out there: lock up your daughters because Steel Panther are at it again! (#GMM24)