GMM 2023 - FINNTROLL.jpg


Friday 16 June 17.20 - 18.10

Genre Folk / Pagan / Viking
Country Finland
Played at GMM 2003 2007 2010

Extreme metal and skipping along with a happy grin pasted on yer mug, is that possible? Many of you may be shaking your heads by now but for over a quarter century the Finnish party ensemble Finntroll has been proving it can be done. Since their early beginnings they’ve married up-tempo black metal to folk tunes from the Swedish-speaking part of Finland, also known as ‘Humppa’. Combined with anti-Christian lyrics and troll sages this results in an at times playful but often grim musical style no one has been able to emulate. Their most recent effort ‘Vredesvävd’ dates back to 2020 and with Covid finally under control this is their first chance to promote the album live in our neck of the woods. Hide your daughters, your kegs of rum and your men of God because the trolls of the North have arrived! #GMM23