GMM 2023 - TOM MORELLO.jpg

Tom Morello

Thursday 15 June 15.10 - 16.00

Genre Alternative
Country United States

GMM is the perfect event to discover new artists, enjoy household names and meet legends - or what you might call the three stages successful musicians and bands go through. And then there are the heroes. Tom Morello had his big break as the guitarist for Rage Against the Machine and he also made an essential contribution to another legendary band called Audioslave. He developed a highly original, signature guitar sound that became his calling card. In addition, Tom Morello also has something to say: the message he shares incites us to make this world a better place. While he doesn’t shy away from political statements, the music always comes first. He is also a sought-after artist when it comes to collaborations. Some of the world’s leading artists have called on his services: he has worked with Bruce Springsteen and just recently he helped Italian Eurosong winners Måneskin launch their new single. Meanwhile he has also released three solo albums and this year we have the pleasure of welcoming him to GMM. #GMM23