Alien Weaponry

jeudi 20 juin 14.50 - 15.35
Metal Dome

Genre Groove Metal
Country Nouvelle-Zélande

The young thrash metallers from Alien Weaponry hail from New Zealand, as is clear from their maiden CD ‘Tū’ where they mixed their heritage with melodic thrash metal. The use of traditional instruments gave the album a vibe that calls to mind Sepultura’s ‘Roots’. Alien Weaponry formed in 2010, when founding members Lewis and Henry de Jong were just 8 and 10 years old respectively. Their debut EP ‘The Zego Sessions’ dropped in 2014, followed two years later by their full-length debut ‘Tū’. The tracks are sung in both Maori and English and have a war chant vibe, with the lyrics focusing on Maori history. On follow-up ‘Tangaroa’ (2021), Alien Weaponry again find inspiration in their culture, history and heritage, embracing their role as a true first nation band as they champion the cause of New Zealand’s native population while speaking out against the catastrophic impact man is having on the planet. Musically ‘Tangaroa’ further refines the grooving thrash recipe with ethnic roots that worked so well on their debut. Come and discover why this is one of the most exciting bands of the new generation.(#GMM24)