Max & Iggor Cavalera

jeudi 20 juin 23.00 - 0.00
Jupiler Stage

Genre Thrash Metal
Country Brésil
Played at GMM 2017

A few minutes is all these famous siblings needed to sell out two gigs back in 2020. Together they founded Sepultura and after inscribing their names in the annals of metal in gold lettering, they went their separate ways but eventually teamed up again in Cavalera Conspiracy. Amidst deafening calls to reform the original Sepultura, they prefer to do their own thing, hence the idea to stage shows featuring nothing but early Sepultura work. With festival season looming large, it’s time to gear up for live versions of ‘Roots’, ‘Chaos AD’, ‘Beneath the Remains’ and ‘Morbid Visions’. No more conspiracy, just Cavalera! (#GMM24)