Better Lovers

dimanche 23 juin 14.00 - 14.45
Jupiler Stage

Genre Hardcore
Country États-Unis

Odds are Better Lovers won’t ring any bells for many of you but what do you get when members of Every Time I Die, The Dillinger Escape Plan and Fit for an Autopsy are thrown into the mix? Yep, Better Lovers. Every Time I Die folded in early 2022 and just over a year later, three former members (Jordan Buckley, Stephen Micchiche and Clayton Holyoak) announced the birth of Better Lovers, fleshing out the line-up with Greg Puciato (TDEP) and Will Putney (FfaA). The pandemic and the last few years have made many artists in a wide variety of fields hungrier than ever for new experiences and Better Lovers are no exception. With the members bringing their various influences to the table, any music they produce is bound to be a bit eclectic, although the preponderance of Every Time I Die alumni shines through. Fans of early 2000s hardcore and metalcore will find much to like here. Be sure to check out their debut EP ‘God Made Me an Animal’. (#GMM24)