Black Stone Cherry

dimanche 23 juin 16.00 - 16.50
North Stage

Genre Hard Rock
Country États-Unis
Played at GMM 2008 2009 2015 2018

Formed in Kentucky by four friends at the dawn of the new millennium, Black Stone Cherry originally started playing music to escape the boredom of rural Edmonton, Kentucky. They were an instant sensation on the local rock scene and before long the hard rock quartet attracted the attention of the bigger labels. Their self-titled debut dropped in 2006 and since ‘Devil and the Deep Blue Sea’ (2011), an album nominated for a classic rock award, they’ve been filling arenas; every subsequent album has stormed the US Hard Rock charts. Whereas Magic Mountain (2014) was somewhat heavier than its predecessors, ‘Kentucky’ (2016) is more versatile and showcases the full spectrum of Black Stone Cherry’s songwriting abilities. Their brand of hard rock is flavoured with southern rock. Their latest effort ‘Screamin’ at the Sky’ (2023) has the grungy feel of their debut while still sounding fresh and contemporary. If you’re into no-holds-barred hard rock with heavy riffs and catchy choruses then Black Stone Cherry is your poison. (#GMM24)