Brand of Sacrifice

vendredi 21 juin 13.20 - 14.00

Genre Deathcore
Country États-Unis

Brand of Sacrifice is a brutal technical deathcore band with musicians hailing from Toronto and New York. Before their inception in 2018 the band members earned their stripes in progressive and death metal bands. This doesn’t make them unique but the fact that their existence is based on the Japanese cult anime/Manga series Berserk does. Vocalist Kyle Anderson likes to describe their music as ‘the death metal of anime’. The quartet mix the principles of hardcore with technical and super fast guitar work, blast beats and throat singing but also early classical instruments such as the sitar, horns, the harp and the lyre, and even a full-fledged choir. They have two full-lengths to their credit, ‘God Hand’ (2019) and ‘Lifeblood’ (2021), as well as two EPs, including their latest concoction ‘Between Death and Dreams’ (2023). (#GMM24)