The Acacia Strain

vendredi 21 juin 15.40 - 16.25
Jupiler Stage

Genre Metalcore
Country États-Unis

The Acacia Strain invites you to explore a post-apocalyptic world in which day-to-day survival has become the only priority. That’s what it feels like when this American deathcore band unleashes its arsenal. Formed in 2001, vocalist Vincent Bennett is now the only remaining founding member but even after two decades their track record still sounds homogenous. This East Coast outfit employs a triple guitar attack to deliver a high-octane amalgam of hardcore, deathcore doom and noise. Their most successful outing to date is 2008’s ‘Continent’, which topped the US Heatseeker charts. Their most recent effort ‘Step into the Light’ (2023) marries the sound of their early work with massive rhythmic breakdowns. (#GMM24)