Dark Funeral

dimanche 23 juin 21.00 - 21.50

Genre Black Metal
Country Suède
Played at GMM 2010 2013 2016

These iconoclasts in the employ of Satan have been one of the most prominent black metal bands ever since their formation in 1993. In 2015 they released the extended play ‘Nail them to the Cross’, the first material featuring new vocalist Heljarmadr, who replaced Emperor Magus Caligula after 15 years of faithful service. 2016’s ‘Where Shadows Forever Reign’ has all the hallmark ingredients: corpse paint, spikes, blistering black metal and blasphemous, anti-Christian lyrics. It is one of Dark Funeral’s strongest and most accessible statements to date despite the departure of bassist Natt. Heljarmadr proved early on to be more than capable of filling the shoes of Magus Caligula which, in itself, is an amazing feat. The history of Dark Funeral is rife with personnel changes but this has never affected their outlook or output. ‘We Are the Apocalypse’ (2022) is the band’s most diverse outing to date and arguably one of their best. On an artistic level they stuck their neck out, choosing at times to dial things back for added effect instead of going full throttle from start to finish. Get ready for a black metal master class by the ineffable kings of Swedish black metal. (#GMM24)