Rotting Christ

samedi 22 juin 17.50 - 18.40

Genre Black Metal
Country Grèce
Played at GMM 2008 2013 2017

Rotting Christ formed in 1987 and played a pioneering role in the development of the black metal scene in Mediterranean Europe. Rotting Christ started out as a grindcore band but by the time their first EP ‘Passage to Arcturo’ (1991) dropped, their sound had taken a turn towards black metal, with the introduction of gothic metal elements from the mid-90s onwards. Rotting Christ are not a satanic band as the lyrical focus is mythology and the occult. However, they are not afraid to experiment as illustrated by the generous use of female choirs on ‘Aello’ (2010). The band around the Tollis brothers partly reinvented itself on the excellent ‘Kata Ton Daimona Eautou’ (‘Do What Thou Wilt’), with catchier and more easily digestible extreme metal. On ‘Rituals’ (2016) they struck off in search of dark rituals and cults around the globe with tracks that transport the listener to the likes of ancient Greece, India and Palestine. Get ready for another mesmerising performance by one of Europe’s leading extreme metal bands. (#GMM24)