jeudi 20 juin 13.50 - 14.40
South Stage

Genre Hardcore
Country Canada
Played at GMM 2018

In the early 2000s, the post hardcore genre was blazing hot. The hype blew over from the US and Canada, where Silverstein formed in 2000. For a long time, Silverstein was a prominent band on the post hardcore scene but they rarely ventured across the Atlantic. When the popularity of the genre started to wane, Silverstein started focusing more on Europe and that paid dividends. While they won’t win any innovation awards, they have stuck with and perfected their mix of emotional lyrical content, catchy choruses and brutal breakdowns. ‘Dead Reflection’ (2017) offers some of their best work to date, combining their trademark sonic heaviness with accessible pop choruses. True to form, their most recent effort ‘Misery Made Me’ (2022) offers everything from the balladesque to musical savagery, from emo bangers to face-flaying hardcore. Silverstein were part of the COVID-cancelled 2020 edition so this feels a bit like vindication. (#GMM24)