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vendredi 21 juin 12.00 - 12.40

Genre Folk / Pagan / Viking
Country Danemark

Formed in 2005, Svartsot employ a mix of metal and folk music, with a whiff of the medieval age. The crushing guitar work is supplemented with the sounds of authentic folk instruments such as bagpipes, whistles and mandolins and earworm melodies that haunt your brain for days. Lyrically they take inspiration from history and Danish folklore, with all lyrics growled in their native Danish language. As an established band on the folk metal scen,e they have shared the stage with the genre’s leading artists such as Tyr, Alestorm, Finntroll, Eluveitie and Korpiklaani. Their fourth album, ‘Vældet’ (2015) was the first album to be released on their own label, Of Wood and Iron Productions. Their most recent outing ‘Kumbl’ (2022) presents a mix of popular and more obscure folk and medieval songs from across Northern Europe. (#GMM24)