The Vintage Caravan

vendredi 21 juin 14.50 - 15.35
Metal Dome

Genre Stoner
Country Islande
Played at GMM 2018 2022

These Icelanders have been active since 2009 and put their country on the map in terms of the psychedelic/classic rock revival (think Led Zeppelin, Blue Öyster Cult and Deep Purple). They are passionate about their music and in less than a decade, the trio have clocked up a huge amount of miles of on-the-road experience and put out four albums. Their eponymous 2011 debut raised more than a few eyebrows thanks to a blend of classic rock with generous prog rock and blues influences. Follow-up ‘Voyage’ cemented the recipe and while some of the tracks on their Nuclear Blast debut ‘Arrival’ (2015) feature a more accessible rock sound, the psychedelic overtones are still very much present. ‘Gateways’ (2018) continues to refine their sound, displaying a maturity that belies the band members’ age. Their latest offering is called ‘Monuments’ (2021) and you should definitely check them out if you’re into bands like Rival Sons, Kadavar and Blue Pills. (#GMM24)