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vendredi 21 juin 18.15 - 19.05
Metal Dome

Genre Stoner
Country Allemagne
Played at GMM 2016 2018 2022

Berlin-based retro rockers Kadavar are one of the main exponents of the retro rock scene. This trio of giants – literally – has extensively toured Europe’s finest rock clubs, building an enthusiastic following with appearances at major outdoor festivals. Their blend of fuzzy stoner and psychedelic rock made for one of the most memorable debuts at our 2016 edition. With an output of six albums between 2012 and 2020 and a hectic touring schedule, this was a very prolific period for Kadavar and this intensity paid dividends in terms of quality. Their 2017 album ‘Rough Times‘ was recorded in their own studio with a warm analogue sound that is much more organic than some of today’s hyped-up, overproduced releases. That vintage rock vibe also permeates the reverb-laden, light-hearted tributes to the Dark Lord and his evil works captured on ‘For the Dead Travel Fast’ (2019). Prog and psychedelia dominate the first half of their last album to date, 2020’s ‘The Isolation Tapes’, while the bottom half centres around dreamlike soundscapes. Fans of Graveyard, psychedelia, stoner and retro rock will not want to miss out on Kadavar.(#GMM24)