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vendredi 21 juin 21.00 - 21.50
Jupiler Stage

Genre Posthardcore
Country États-Unis

Around the turn of the millennium Thursday was a key player on the post-hardcore scene. The unique voice of vocalist Geoff Rickly is without a doubt one of the standout features of a band that rose to prominence quickly, from their promising debut ’Waiting’ to follow-up ‘Full Collapse’ and subsequent albums. Meanwhile it’s been years since the band dropped a new album but records like ‘Full Collapse’ have long since attained classic status and helped Thursday achieve eternal post-hardcore fame. They disbanded in late 2011 following the release of the universally acclaimed ‘No Devolución’, a darker album than their usual work. They reformed at the start of 2016, only to go on hiatus again in 2019. After gigs at smaller Belgian festivals they can now look forward to their GMM debut. (#GMM24)