GMM 2024 - VUKOVI.jpg


dimanche 23 juin 16.30 - 17.20
Metal Dome

Genre Punk
Country Royaume-Uni

Vukovi is a Scottish pop punk outfit. In 2010 Janine Shilstone auditioned after being booted from another band. The chemistry with the three other band members was so strong and her contribution altered the music to such an extent that Wolves changed their name to Vukovi (the Serbian word for wolves). In the years that followed, Vukovi worked hard at anchoring their sound, perfecting their live shows and building a solid fan base. In 2017 they felt the time was finally right to unleash their eponymous full-length debut, followed in early 2020 by ‘Fall Better’. Their mix of heavy rock riffs, industrial sounds and infectious vocals results in an intense and engaging whole that’s bound to go down well at GMM. (#GMM24)