Played at Graspop Metal Meeting
2000 / 2003 / 2008 / 2016




Founded in 1993 in the Finnish capital of Helsinki, Apocalyptica is an unusual band to say the least. All three members are classically trained cellists and their debut ‘Plays Metallica by Four Cellos’, an album with nothing but Metallica covers, hit the metal scene like a cluster bomb. Gradually they expanded their catalogue to include not only covers of songs by other bands but original material as well, and by the time ‘Cult’ (2000) rolled around, Apocalyptica released ‘Path Vol. 2’, their first ever track with vocals. Apart from including a drummer since 2005, they’ve gone on to play with some of the finest names in metal both live and in the studio, including Dave Lombardo, Metallica and Gojira’s Joseph Duplantier. In between they’ve repeatedly found time to tour with a classical repertoire as well. Thrilling metal crowds with classical instruments takes exceptional talent and these guys have just that. (Text: Niels Desmedt / Translation: Nick Devos)