Festival Fair | Metal Market

Rare CDs, cool earrings, dry socks... the Festival Fair and the Metal Market are full of hidden treasure and unique items. You can buy official tour shirts of the bands in the #GMM23 line-up from the merchandise stand on the corner of Metal Plaza.

Dido's Den has moved to the Festival Fair. Please note that on Wednesday it will only be accessible from the Boneyard. Get inked with your GMM-memento for life, go for that piercing or maybe even a tooth gem? Doors open Wednesday 19 June at 3 pm. Reservations on site.

New this year at Dido's Den: a barber!

Dido's Den
- Wednesday 19 June 3 pm - midnight
- Thursday 20 to Saturday 22 June 10 am- midnight
- Sunday 23 June 10 am - 10 pm
Festival Fair
- Thursday 19 to Saturday 22 June 10 am- midnight 
- Sunday 23 June 10 am - 10 pm
Metal Market
- Thursday 20 to Saturday 22 June 10 am - 9 pm
- Sunday 23 June 10 am - 8 pm

Food Truck zone

Our fabulous food trucks serve a lot of goodies at the Jupilers Beers & Stories tent. We try to keep the range as diverse as possible and to cater to those who prefer gluten-free, lactose-free, veggie and vegan food.

Ducks of t(h)rash

A household name: the hook-a-duck stall. Festival-goers who come to the festival by train, paying shuttles (airport shuttle or festival shuttle) or bicycle receive a Green Coin. And festival-goers who hand in a full PMD refuse bag at a recycling point at our campsites Boneyard, Inferno or Metal Town are also rewarded with a Green Coin. 

Use the Green Coin to fish for a GMM gadget or go for one of our top prizes: win fast lane access for the signing sessions or access to the sky deck. 

Signing sessions

CDs, t-shirts, body parts... it's all signed at the signing booth to the right of the Main Stages. Keep an eye on the info screens to know which band is holding a session.

Classic Rock Café

For non-stop hard rock hits and video clips you have to go to a café. Open until late hours. And with a bit of luck you will be treated to a performance by the better cover band..