Paying with tokens? That’s a thing of the past. As of this year GMM is going cashless! No more digging in pockets for tokens you can lose, no more leftover tokens after the festival but Skullies that are uploaded directly to your festival wristband.


From Thursday 22 June starting at 10 am to Thursday 6 July you can verify or complement your data on this page. You can request a refund of your remaining Skullies up to 6 July.

Did you already create an account? Then you can verify your data.
Did you not create an account yet? Then you can enter your details to have your remaining Skullies returned to your bank account. 

Please note that the refund may take several working days for the money to be in your account. A service charge of 0.5 Skully ( € 1.75 ) will be charged.

To link your ticket you need the 9 characters below the QR code at the bottom of your ticket. (9 characters between the * * ; note that a space can also be a character).

To link your QR code on your festival wristband or Cashless Card, you need the 6 letters on the back of your QR code on your festival wristband or cashless card.


From 5 June 10 am you can create your account here and upload Skullies. One Skully is €3,50. Use your account to link your ticket number or - during the festival - the code of your personal tag to your festival wristband. Now you can head straight for the bar when you arrive!

To link your ticket you need the 9 characters below the QR code at the bottom of your ticket. (9 characters between the * * ; note that a space can also be a character)

ATTENTION: are you creating an account and entering a ticket code? Then the Skullies will be automatically linked to your festival tag.

Why create an account?

  • Easy Skullies upload
  • Instant balance check
  • Leftover Skullies are refunded after the festival (minus a 0.5 Skully (€1,75) service fee)


From now on food and drink is paid with Skullies (our digital currency) on your wristband or with a Cashless Card. Skullies are also accepted at our campsites Boneyard, Inferno and Metal Town.

Skullies can be uploaded in several ways:

  • Via your online GMM account
  • The GMM app 
  • The QR code on your festival wristband or Cashless Card - At the manned counters and vending machines dotted around the festival grounds and the festival campsites.

At the vending machines you can only upload Skullies with your payment card. Do you still prefer to upload Skullies using cash? Then turn to our manned counters on the festival grounds, in Metal Plaza and at Camping Boneyard. Here you can also use payment cards.  Pay in bonsai and plant a tree in the GMM forest!

Leftover Skullies after the festival? Create an account and you’ll receive a refund for the full value of your Skullies minus a 0.5 Skully (€1,75) service fee.

Did you buy GMM tokens in presale? 

Hand in your voucher at the counter where you receive your festival wristband and your Skullies are immediately added to your tag. You can also have your voucher converted into Skullies at the manned counters. 

Pool Skullies with friends!

Want to pool Skullies with friends? A cashless card is the perfect solution. At the manned counters you and your friends can buy a Cashless Card and upload Skullies. 
This card can also be linked to one online account to check your balance. 

Any GMM tokens you bought in advance can also be uploaded to this Cashless Card. 

Attention: Skullies cannot be transferred to a different tag or Cashless Card. 


Cashless? Is that safe?

Absolutely. Your festival wristband or Cashless Card is protected by encryption, making it impossible to copy info or steal the balance.

Where do I collect my festival wristband? Where can I get a Cashless Card?

You can exchange your festival ticket for a festival wristband at the main entrance, at every festival campsite or at the VIP entrance. You can buy a Cashless Card at the 3 manned counters for 0.5 Skully. You’ll find them on the festival grounds, in Metal Plaza and at Camping Boneyard.

Do Skullies pay for everything?

The bars, food stands, food trucks, campsite shops and bathing facilities at Camping Boneyard all accept the Skullies on your festival tag or Cashless Card. However, you still need cash or a payment card for the merchandise stands, kiosks, Festival Fair and Metal Market.

What if I lose my festival wristband?

Losing your festival wristband is like losing your wallet or ticket so make sure your festival wristband is securely fastened around your wrist. 
If you’ve lost your wristband or had it stolen, don’t panic. Go to the Cashless Helpdesk at the festival entrance and they will be happy to assist you. If you created an account our team can recover the balance. 

How do I create an account?

This is possible as of 5 June. Enter your ticket number before the festival. During the festival use the code at the back of your festival tag. 

Problems during the festival?

Members of our Cashless team are always close by: 

  • They will be happy to help you at the vending machines (you’ll recognise them by their blue vests).
  • The 3 manned counters also have an info desk that will answer all your questions: on the festival grounds, in Metal Plaza and at Camping Boneyard.
  • The Cashless Helpdesk is situated right next to the festival entrance.

Problems before or after the festival?

Before and after the festival you can submit all your questions and/or remarks at

Want to check your balance?

There are several ways to check how many Skullies you have left on your festival wristband or Cashless Card. 

You can check your cashless account online or at any payment or recharge terminal on the festival site. Your balance is displayed instantly.

When a transaction is completed your remaining number of Skullies is displayed so you can make sure you haven’t been overcharged (or undercharged).