GMM 2023 - ARCH ENEMY.jpg

Arch Enemy

Thursday 15 June 18.20 - 19.10

Genre Death Metal
Country Sweden
Played at GMM 2002 2003 2005 2006 2008 2011 2015 2018

For several decades the Swedes from Arch Enemy have been one of the leading lights of the melodic death metal scene. Back in the day, when band leader and guitarist Michael Amott left Carcass to strike out on his own it quickly became obvious his new outfit had no intention of simply making up the numbers. Three decades and three vocalists later Arch Enemy has gone from strength to strength. Along the way the song have become more accessible and imbued with groove, an aspect that truly comes to the fore on their latest outing ‘Deceivers’.  Their rampage far from over, they continue to put out tracks that whip legions of metal fans into a frenzy. Taking the baton from vocal powerhouse Angela Gossow in 2014, new throat Alissa White-Gluz has received universal praise for her vocal range and her unique ability to combine soaring clean vocals with brutal growls that will bring. As she continues to explore her vocal range, the seasoned Erlandsson-D’Angelo tandem laid down the rock solid backbone for the new album. The larger-than-life sound is owed in large part to the dual axe attack of Chris Amott and Jeff Loomis. #GMM23