Body Count Feat. Ice-T

Sunday 23 June 18.10 - 19.05
North Stage

Genre Rap Metal
Country United States
Played at GMM 2015 2018

Body Count are the undisputed pioneers of rap metal. Fronted by rap guru Ice-T, the group started their metal adventure in 1990, releasing their self-titled debut two years later. Ice-T doesn’t like to mince words and his metal project was the perfect vehicle to ventilate much of his frustration and discontent. He doesn’t shy away from any topic and the track ‘Cop Killer’ triggered a heated controversy. Subsequent pressings saw the incendiary track removed but not before kick-starting Body Count’s career. The recipe on their fifth album ‘Manslaughter’ (2014) remained the same. Both lyrically and musically Body Count are not a rap star’s hobby project, they’re the real deal. The lyrics are lethal and the thrashcore/groove metal vibe is infectious. More topical than ever before due to a long list of incidents involving police brutality, Ice T’s message that all lives matter never resonated louder than on ‘Bloodlust’ (2017). They recently announced their ‘Merciless’ European tour including an appearance here on Sunday 23 June in support of their new album of the same name.(#GMM24)