Carpenter Brut

Thursday 15 June 23.00 - 0.00

Genre Darksynth
Country France
Played at GMM 2019

There was a time when synthesisers and rock music were odd bed fellows and the thought alone sent chills down the spines of metal fans everywhere. But times change and we’ve learned that electronic sounds can sometimes add a dimension to the music that no other instrument can. Just ask Frenchman Franck Hueso. Under the moniker Carpenter Brut he’s been making waves with what we’ve come to know as dark synth or synth wave. Meanwhile he has a series of EPs and three full albums to his credit and he effortlessly sells out mid-sized venues like Ancienne Belgique. Some of you will know this already because in 2019 the beats, synths and melodic female vocals of Carpenter Brut mesmerised the GMM faithful once before, so get ready for act II. #GMM23