GMM 2023 - DANKO JONES.jpg

Danko Jones

Saturday 17 June 16.10 - 16.55

Genre Hard Rock
Country Canada
Played at GMM 2015 2017

There are only three of them but with every performance they throw up an impenetrable wall of rock ‘n’ roll. The Canadian trio spearheaded by vocalist/guitarist Danko Jones has been steamrolling the world’s rock stages since 1996. Their previous appearances here have made them a popular favourite and we welcome them back with open arms. With their 2002 debut ‘Born a Lion’ they immediately staked their place at the biggest festivals in the Low Countries and two decades later that is still the case. Danko Jones is a band that thrives on energetic live performances and in 2008 Danko wrote a spine-chilling song about this with ‘Code of the Road’. Other gems like the naughty ‘I Think Bad Thoughts’, the crisp ‘I Wanna Rock’ and the sublime ‘My Little RnR’ are unadulterated rock classics that also feature on many rock fans’ list of all-time favourites. #GMM23