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Thursday 20 June 12.40 - 13.20
Jupiler Stage

Genre Metalcore
Country United States

Erra is an American progressive metalcore outfit from Birmingham, Alabama. In well over a decade they’ve put out five excellent records where melodic metalcore takes pride of place. Memorable melodies backed by clean vocals and spine-chilling screams are their bread and butter and fans of As I Lay Dying, Tesseract and Nine Inch Kills will love this. The band name is derived from the Akkadian god of war and plague. Formed in 2009 by five secondary school friends, they released two EPs before their successful full debut ‘Impulse’ in 2011. In 2020 they parted ways with their record company, sealing the fresh start with a self-titled slab in the spring of the following year. They have been hailed as one of the driving forces behind the modern/progressive metalcore movement and those kind of compliments come with towering expectations. (#GMM24)