Golden Moment

Thursday 20 June 11.25 - 11.50
Metal Dome

Friday 21 June 11.25 - 11.50
Metal Dome

Saturday 22 June 11.25 - 11.50
Metal Dome

Sunday 23 June 11.25 - 11.50
Metal Dome

Golden Moment powered by bonsai


Come and be the first to open the festival at the Metal Dome. There, right before the festival starts, you can experience a 'Golden Moment' powered by bonsai.  This will be a unique and unseen experience at Graspop Metal Meeting not to be missed!

The Golden Moment is a moment where the focus is entirely on yourself.  Discover the power of breathing in a unique breathing session that is enriching and inspiring! Go into the festival full of positive energy.

Every festival visitor who experiences this 'Golden Moment' will be rewarded with a unique pin. You can claim this in the bonsai app.

Be on time, don't miss anything and make it an unforgettable festival day with us!