GMM 2024 - IHSAHN.jpg


Sunday 23 June 16.15 - 17.05

Genre Black Metal
Country Norway
Played at GMM 2012 2015 2022

Musical geniuses are few and far between but there is no other suitable epithet to describe Norwegian loner Ihsahn. He is famous for his prominent role in Emperor, the uncrowned kings of black metal. After the last reunion shows, Emperor was laid to rest as the band members were not willing to postpone the inevitable purely for financial gain. Ihsahn struck out on his own and remains an influential solo musician. He continues to shape extreme metal in his unique and inimitable way, his black metal roots blending effortlessly with the most complex progressive elements. On stage Ihsahn is joined by the members of Norwegian progressive metal band Leprous, who were trained by the master himself.(#GMM24)