GMM 2024 - LIMP BIZKIT.jpg

Limp Bizkit

Saturday 22 June 21.05 - 22.10
South Stage

Genre Nu-metal
Country United States
Played at GMM 2012 2014 2018

With record sales in excess of thirty million copies Limp Bizkit are one of the most successful American rock bands of the new millennium. Formed in 1994, the band around vocalist Fred Durst came to prominence in 1998 with the single ‘Nookie’ and a slot on the Ozzfest tour. A worldwide breakthrough soon followed with the release of the band’s sophomore album ‘Significant Other’. Their poignant combination of punk, rock, rap and metal put them at the forefront of the nu-metal genre. Follow-up ‘Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavored Water’ topped the charts in numerous countries including Belgium and the Netherlands. In 2005, the band went on a four-year hiatus but in 2009 the original line-up was resurrected and ‘Gold Cobra’ dropped two years later. No one could have predicted the recording hiatus that was to follow as the release date of their last album to date ‘Still Sucks’ (2021) was pushed back 9 years. Still, it was worth the wait: Loudwire called the album an “irresistibly catchy, groove-laden banger” and it provides them with even more ammunition for a wicked show this summer. (#GMM24)