GMM 2024 - MAMMOTH WVH.jpg

Mammoth WVH

Saturday 22 June 14.45 - 15.35
South Stage

Genre Hard Rock
Country United States
Played at GMM 2023

When your dad is a successful musician it’s fair to say you’re brought up on music but that doesn’t mean you’ll follow in his footsteps. The pressure of that last name is always present and any music you put out is examined under a microscope. Wolfgang Van Halen is doing a fine job of proving he’s a chip off the old block. His father believed in his talent to the point where Wolfgang was invited to join Van Halen (2006-2020). Following his father’s untimely death in 2020 and the disbandment of Van Halen, 31-year-old Wolfgang focused on his own band. Initially Mammoth WVH started out as a solo project but Wolfgang has since stated that he considers the current line-up a full-fledged band. Both their debut album and live shows have met with a favourable reception. In 2021, their single ‘Distance’ picked up a Grammy nomination for Best Rock Song. When we announced them last year we wrote “something tells us they’ll be back in the years to come”. Enough said… (#GMM24)