Nothing More

Nothing More
Played at Graspop Metal Meeting




United States


Texas sons Nothing More stubbornly steered their own course only to be rewarded years later with the breakthrough they so thoroughly deserve. Founded in 2003 by drummer John Hawkins and guitarist Mark Vollelunga and in spite of four albums and hundreds of shows, the band only enjoyed moderate success in their early years. Things started happening when Hawkins decided to switch his drumsticks for the microphone but the final piece of the puzzle didn’t drop into place until 2014, when they were signed by Eleven Music. The label re-released their latest, self-titled CD ‘Nothing More’. The band likes to take a DIY approach to things and this includes production and artwork as well as instrumental contraptions the likes of which you’ve never seen before. If you like to rock out to fast-paced metal then Nothing More is a must-see. (#GMM17)