Parkway Drive

Saturday 17 June 22.30 - 23.50

Genre Metalcore
Country Australia
Played at GMM 2009 2011 2013 2015 2018

Surf culture and metal: a bad combination? Two decades ago Parkway Drive set out to prove the opposite and it’s fair to say the Aussies have succeeded. Their 2009 GMM debut hit the Dessel plains like a shock wave – and we happen to like shock waves. By the way, did you know that Parkway Drive’s first gig outside of Australia took place in Belgium? At the time only a handful of people had heard of them but even then it was clear they were an innovative act with a promising future. They are rightfully regarded as one of the leading lights of the metalcore scene. In recent years they have evolved toward a more classic heavy metal style and that has definitely helped them attain headlining status at major festivals. With dark lyrical themes and an even more expansive and experimental musical approach than on 2018’s ‘Reverence’, it’s probably no coincidence that their latest album ‘Darker Still’ (2022) was named after its only ballad. This is Parkway Drive’s second stint as a GMM headliner. #GMM23