GMM 2024 - TEXTURES.jpg


Thursday 20 June 17.40 - 18.30

Genre Progressive
Country Netherlands
Played at GMM 2007

Hailing from Tilburg in the Netherlands, Textures are an inventive metalcore sextet that builds on Meshuggah-style, stifling progressive death metal by integrating ominous melodies and keyboard-fuelled atmospheric spells into their unusual rhythmic patterns and hardcore-like aggression. The band name refers to the many sound layers that exist in their music, the different characters in the band and the diverse musical backgrounds they hail from. Their full debut ‘Polars’ (2003) was self-released but by the time ‘Drawing Circles’ dropped in 2006 they had secured a record deal and toured with Gojira, Arch Enemy and others in support of the album. Three more albums followed but before the second part of the ‘Phenotype’ (2016) – ‘Genotype’ (2017) one-two could be unleashed, they announced the breakup of the band and stated that ’Genotype’ would remain unreleased. However, in late 2023 an Instagram post confirmed the band would be resuscitated this year and… here they are! (#GMM24)