Metal Town info



  • You can check in as of 8 am on Thursday 18 June. Metal Town is open till noon on Monday 22 June. New from this year: exchange your festival tickets for a festival wristband at the Metal Town reception.
  • Camping in front of the Metal Town entrance on Wednesday night is not allowed.
  • Festival tickets do NOT include access to camping Metal Town. Conversely, Metal Town tickets do NOT give access to the festival arena.
  • Once your vehicle passes the security check at the entrance you can drive up to your pitch. At the reception desk you can exchange your voucher (camping pitch or festihut) for a Metal Town wristband and you will also receive your breakfast vouchers.
  • Checkout from 8 pm till 1 am Sunday night and on Monday morning as of 8 am. Deposits are refunded via Ticketmaster in the course of the month following the festival .


Metal Town has its own car park and festival goers need a valid parking ticket to use it.

  • There’s free parking in the Metal Town car park for one vehicle per pitch or festihut. Request your parking voucher as you’re booking your Metal Town accommodation. The vouchers are forwarded in the run-up to the festival (and not automatically following your booking).
  • 14-person festihuts come with three parking spaces. Request your parking vouchers as you’re booking your Metal Town accommodation. The vouchers are forwarded in the run-up to the festival (and not automatically following your booking).
  • Additional vehicles can park free of charge in one of the other GMM car parks nearby.
  • Upon arrival  you can park the vehicle with a valid Metal Town parking voucher temporarily on your pitch or in the loading and unloading zone next to the festihuts to unload your bags. Afterwards please park your car in the Metal Town car park as soon as possible.
  • Only motorhomes, live-in vehicles, (folding) caravans and motorcycles are allowed on your pitch.
  • Once your car is unloaded please leave it in the car park for the duration of the festival (barring an emergency) in order to limit nuisance for the neighbours and your fellow Metal Town campers.


  • Metal Town has a sanitary block with free showers, wash basins and flush toilets.
  • All Metal Town camping arrangements include breakfast. From Friday 19 through Monday 22 June you can sit down to a hearty breakfast in the large breakfast tent. After all, you don’t want to be drinking on an empty stomach.
  • The small camping shop next to the reception desk also carries GMM merchandise and there’s a token machine if you want to buy GMM tokens.
  • The Red Cross station is manned throughout the morning. The rest of the day you can ask the reception staff to call someone for medical assistance.
  • From Thursday 18 June 2020: exchange your festival tickets for a festival wristband at Metal Town.
  • Click here to check the ADL facilities at camping Metal Town.


Read the house rules for camping Metal Town to know what is allowed and what isn’t. In a nutshell:

Do not bring: dry ice – drugs – torches – stoves – gas burners – gas installations – sound systems – large BBQs – charcoal BBQs – disposable BBQs – bicycle pumps – flyers – glass – candles – pets (exc. guide and assistance dogs) – (pocket) knives & switchblades – party tents larger than 3 x 3 m – sharp objects – power generators – beer dispensers – fireworks – fires – weapons (duh!) - nargile - bongs - shovels - pliers - drills - saws - screwdrivers.

You can bring: simple camping gas burners (click here for a list of allowed cartridges) – parasols – a party tent up to 3 x 3 m


  • Your motorhome, caravan and/or car will be inspected upon arrival (a.o. gas connection, electrical equipment click here). Access can be refused if your vehicle is not up to specifications.
  • Only vehicles officially registered as motorhomes or caravans with an inspection certificate can be fitted with a gas connection and electrical equipment. Live-in vehicles not officially registered and approved as such can park in a Metal Town pitch but only if they are not fitted with a gas connection or electrical equipment. Only small camping stoves are allowed, barbecues are not (not even disposable BBQs).
  • The fire lanes at the campsite must be kept clear at all times. Vehicles, tents or other items that block the fire lanes will be removed.
  • You’ll find a Red Cross station at the camping Metal Town reception desk. It is only manned in the morning.
  • Leave valuable items at home or store them in the lockers in the festival arena. Theft can be reported to the on-site police station. Graspop is not responsible for any theft, loss or damage to personal property.
  • Please forward all questions related to Metal Town to Be sure check out the FAQ section.