samedi 22 juin 13.20 - 14.00
Metal Dome

Genre Alternative
Country États-Unis

DeathbyRomy is the stage name of American singer-songwriter Romy Flores, a young 25-year-old upstart based out of LA. She started making music at the tender age of five, self-released her first song aged fifteen and also put out her full-length debut ‘Monsters’ (2018) without label backing. Her single ‘Problems’ off the ‘Love U – To Death’ EP was a huge hit on TikTok. She then signed with Capitol for ’Songs for my Funeral’ (2021) but by the release of her third album ‘Entropy’ (2022) she was once again a free agent. Personally she describes her music as ‘the love-child of pop, trap, industrial and cinematic’, with lyrics on such topics as suicide, anxiety and depression. (#GMM24)