GMM 2024 - HIGH ON FIRE.jpg

High On Fire

vendredi 21 juin 16.30 - 17.20
Metal Dome

Genre Stoner
Country États-Unis
Played at GMM 2022

Early in the new millennium we were introduced to the high-octane sound of High on Fire. Their debut ‘The Art of Self Defense’ struck like lightning but perhaps that’s not surprising when your line-up includes frontman Matt Pike from the legendary Sleep. Meanwhile they’ve put out a total of eight albums and High on Fire are a household name on the European club scene and festival circuit. This is their second appearance after a memorable set in 2020 when their mix of sludge, stoner, doom and thrash thrilled the GMM hordes. In February 2019 the title track of their new album ‘Electric Messiah’ (2018) won the Grammy for best metal performance so these guys definitely have chops. Music critics also saw it as a just reward for the high level of consistency that characterises their output. (#GMM24)