All Them Witches

jeudi 20 juin 21.55 - 22.55
Metal Dome

Genre Stoner
Country États-Unis

One of the performances we’re looking forward to is the GMM debut of All Them Witches. Formed one decade ago in Music City (Nashville, Tennessee), All Them Witches have built a solid live reputation with a blend of bluesy, neo-psychedelic rock, progressive space rock and stoner. They debuted in 2012 with ‘Our Mother Electricity’ on the German Elektrohasch label and in spite of a seriously vintage sound they sound anything but dated. The musicianship is excellent and subsequent releases such as ‘Sleeping through the War’ (2017) and ‘ATW’ (2018) helped them establish a firm following. They kicked off the current decade with the stoner rock / neo-psychedelia album ‘Nothing As the Ideal’ (2020).(#GMM24)