GMM 2024 - KAMPFAR.jpg


samedi 22 juin 19.25 - 20.15

Genre Black Metal
Country Norvège

Taking their name from an ancient Norse battle cry that means ‘Odin’, black metallers Kampfar are blowing out thirty candles this year and are one of the survivors of the famous - or infamous – second wave of Norwegian black metal. The band around the striking blonde frontman Dolk has racked up nine albums so far, with ‘Til klovers takt’ (2022) as their latest effort. Their punishing blend of black metal, Viking folk metal and neoclassical originally started out as a solo project by Dolk but eventually expanded into a full-blown band, albeit with Dolk as the only constant factor in the band’s various incarnations. They had enjoyed underground success for five years, put out two albums and gone on a brief hiatus before finally making their live debut in 2003. Their next effort ‘Kvass’ (2006) signalled a shift towards classic Norwegian black metal-inspired compositions. Their most recent output, ‘Til klovers takt (2022), still exhibits the intensity, the intricate songwriting and signature atmosphere of their early work. A highly anticipated GMM debut! (#GMM24)