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Pendulum (live)

vendredi 21 juin 22.45 - 0.00

Genre Alternative
Country Australie

Pendulum is an electronic rock band founded back in 2002 in Perth, Australia. It’s not one of the usual suspects for a festival such as this but GMM regulars will know by now we like to invite the odd one out from time to time. Now based in the UK, they are one of the most popular drum’n’bass bands to form in the early 21st century. Their full-length debut ‘Hold Your Colour’ dropped in 2005. That same year a remix of Prodigy classic ‘Voodoo People’ gave them their biggest hit to date. Their second full-length ‘In Silico’ (2008) narrowly missed out on the no.1 spot in the UK charts. Known to be big fans of progressive rock and metal, this probably inspired them to blend those genres into their own output. (#GMM24)