GMM 2024 - SKYND.jpg


dimanche 23 juin 13.20 - 14.00
Metal Dome

Genre Industrial
Country Australie

One of the most exciting aspects of the whole festival experience is often discovering fresh young bands, a label that certainly applies to Skynd. Headed by female vocalist Skynd and
multi-instrumentalist Father, their output has developed into what is known in the music industry as ‘true crime music’ – call it the soundtrack that underscores today’s grim reality, one that floats on a bed of industrial sounds, dance beats and pounding guitars. The duo share an interest in true stories about serial killers, disquieting deaths, child abuse and school shootings. Song titles such as ‘Columbine’ and ‘Jim Jones’ leave little to the imagination in terms of lyrical content. Korn frontman Jonathan Davis is an early fan and was more than happy to contribute to the track ‘Gary Heidnik’ as well as appear in the video. The Australian collective’s output mainly consists of singles and EPs (‘Chapter’ I-IV) and live they also draw attention with their grim aesthetic and pitch black tracks.(#GMM24)