Slaughter To Prevail

dimanche 23 juin 21.00 - 21.50
Jupiler Stage

Genre Deathcore
Country Russie

Slaughter to Prevail is originally a Russian deathcore band but they’ve been based in Orlando, Florida, for a number of years now. In 2015 they burst upon the scene with their EP ‘Chapters of Misery’. Two years later they unleashed their full-length debut ‘Misery Sermon’. Their ultra-brutal deathcore has won the hearts of a predominantly young following in recent years and even seasoned deathcore fans are dumbfounded by the insane vocals frontman Alex Terrible wrings from his vocal chords. In the beginning there were plenty of personnel changes until 2020, when a stable line-up was found consisting of lead vocalist Aleksandr ‘Alex Terrible’ Shikolai, bassist Mikhail ‘Mike’ Petrov, drummer Evgeny Novikov, lead guitarist Jack Simmons and rhythm guitarist Dmitry ‘Dima’ Mamedov. They dropped their sophomore effort ‘Kostolom’ in 2021. (#GMM24)