GMM 2023 - AIRBOURNE.jpg


Friday 16 June 16.45 - 17.35

Genre Hard Rock
Country Australia
Played at GMM 2010 2015 2017

In 2023 it’ll be 22 years since Australian brothers Joel and Ryan O'Keeffe formed a hard rock band called Airbourne in the vain of their famous compatriots in AC/DC, The Angels, Billy Thorpe and Rose Tattoo. Their debut ‘Runnin' Wild’ dropped in 2007 and they were firing on all cylinders from the get-go. Airbourne was off to a running start with excellent record sales in the UK and the US, where the video for the title track with a guest appearance by Lemmy went viral. Three years later their sophomore effort ‘No Guts. No Glory’ brought them to the end of the runway but it was ‘Black Dog Barking’ (2013) that finally achieved lift-off in Europe. Over the years the foursome’s recipe has proven successful at festivals around the world and we all know madcap Joel likes to deliver the odd solo high up on the truss. Their most recent full-length, ‘Boneshaker’ (2019), is yet another rock ‘n’ roll rollercoaster with all the subtlety of a solid kick in the family jewels. The album’s closing track just about sums up Airbourne’s attitude to music and life in general: ‘Rock ‘N’ Roll for Life’! #GMM23