Sunday 18 June 15.20 - 16.00

Genre Nu Metal
Country India

India has a rich cultural history but it’s not as if we’re being inundated with metal bands from the Indian subcontinent. Bloodywood are the first band from that region to come our way and they are well on their way to putting India on the metal map. Here in Europe we’ve had no shortage of bands that integrate indigenous wind instruments and ethnic folklore into their music. Bloodywood does the same by incorporating Indian folk music – including traditional instruments – into their sound and... it works! The melancholic sound of an Indian flute, the stirring power of the dhol (a double-headed drum slung over the shoulder), the hypnotic strumming of the tumbi (a single-string plucking instrument) and other unusual but characteristic instruments from the country on the borders of the Ganges river make for an enriching combination with the metal onslaught, Hindi/Punjabi choruses and English rap verses. The result is an infectious mix of Indian street metal with the occasional nod to hardcore and rap metal. A Bloodywood show is always a unique experience. #GMM23