Sunday 23 June 18.15 - 19.05
Metal Dome

Genre Death Metal
Country Finland

The Finnish band Crownshift may be relatively new on the scene but the band members are all seasoned veterans. Guitarist Daniel Freyberg (Children of Bodom, Naildown), vocalist Tommy Tuovinen (MyGrain), bassist Jukka Koskinen (Wintersun, Nightwish live) and Heikki Saari (Fintroll) have embarked on a new adventure together and are releasing their full-length debut this year. This quartet covers a variety of styles and genres with both mid-tempo tracks and unapologetically fierce prog/death metal in a broad musical spectrum without self-imposed limits or boundaries. The band promises that their full-length debut will be relentlessly ambitious, something we can’t wait to experience ourselves. (#GMM24)