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Played at Graspop Metal Meeting






Imminence started paving the way to greatness in 2009 when the members were still in their teens but oddly enough this talented group hasn’t made it to the big leagues yet. Their first album ‘I’ was released in 2014 and seamlessly stitched together the fabrics of post-hardcore and metalcore with a combination of chant-along choruses and blistering technical riffage. Their countrymen of In Flames are clearly a source of inspiration but Imminence is writing its own chapter in music history. Their sophomore album ‘This Is Goodbye’ (2017) moved away from the band’s hardcore beginnings in favour of a more polished sound. Carried by singer Eddie Berg’s vocal prowess and a djenty vibe, ‘Turn the Light on’ (2019) will definitely appeal to fans of Architects. As I’m writing this ‘Heaven in Hiding’ (2021) has just dropped. Written by vocalist/violinist Eddie Berg and guitarist Harald Barrett, the new album offers a collection of songs that draw effortlessly from a variety of genres to build a sonic universe of Imminence’s own making. Fans of The Amity Affliction will want to highlight Imminence on their time schedules. (#GMM22)