GMM 2024 - JOHN COFFEY.jpg

John Coffey

Sunday 23 June 12.10 - 12.55
North Stage

Genre Hardcore
Country Netherlands

John Coffey is a Dutch punk rock/post-hardcore band formed in Utrecht in 2005. As you might expect, the band is named after the main character from Stephen King’s famous novel ‘The Green Mile’, portrayed in the eponymous movie by Michael Duncan Clarke. Their first album ‘Vanity’ hit the shelves in 2008. It was well-received, resulting in a tour of several European countries. The recording of their second album was partially bankrolled by a fundraising campaign and ‘Bright Companions’ was released in 2012. In 2016 the band announced they were going on an indefinite hiatus as they weren’t planning on making music in the foreseeable future. In the spring of last year a short Instagram post announced the band’s resurrection. With numerous club shows under their belt as well as appearances at major festivals we have no doubt John Coffey will rock GMM this summer. (#GMM24)